Lisa is a confident and dependable multi-instrumentalist, focusing primarily on trumpet and drums and also playing keyboards, ukulele, and singing backing vocals. 


Lisa's first instrument was trumpet and she hasn't put it down since starting in 6th grade band. She studied both trumpet and piano formally through college as she completed a Master of Music Theory from Michigan State University.

Most of Lisa's touring experience has been with her pop/rock trio Outer Vibe. She currently plays drums, trumpet, and sings backing vocals with the group. In past line-ups, she has played keyboards and ukulele.

In addition to Outer Vibe, Lisa has performed live on trumpet with Amy Ray of The Indigo Girls, Violet LaVelle, Samuel Herb, and Mount Worcester.

In the studio, Lisa has performed all the mentioned instruments on dozens of recordings, including works by Outer Vibe, Kalin Krohe Reference, Stigmvta, Matt Gabriel, and Philip Bennett.