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Master of Music Theory - Michigan State University (2010)

Bachelor of Composition and Music Theory - Michigan State University (2007)

Teaches at Lipscomb University, Belmont University, and SAE Institute


Just what I needed to get inspired again.”


"I can't thank you enough for putting together yesterday's production workshop with Lisa... I've attended a few different production workshops with other female orgs and I have to say, this one was my favorite! Being able to watch her work and then collaborate really helped me--especially it being 3 hours, most workshops are an hour or two which leaves little room to really take it all in. It helped me get unstuck in my journey!"

"knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and easy going."


“Lisa was so excellent at tailoring her suggestions to my needs and songwriting process. I really feel like I have the tools I need to break through my creative block now, to get back to recording with some confidence about it.

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